Partner Companies

Blean has established a partnership with MagniFinance (

MagniFinance is a financial management platform for micro and small companies that stands out for a series of functions that are unique in Portugal and for the simplicity of the entire app. Besides being certified by the Tax Authority (AT) for issuing invoices, it also enables:

  •  The automatic introduction of expenditure. All you have to do is input expenditure in digital/photographic form and the software fills in the main expenditure identifiers (e.g. supplier, date and amount), reducing the effort needed to record the associated data.
  • Synchronisation with multiple bank accounts. The software is compliant with all Portuguese banks, allowing an integrated consultation of account balances and movements.
  • Bank reconciliation via a single click. The platform has a smart invoice management mechanism (income and expenditure) showing account movements and simplifying the whole of the process of knowing what has or has not been paid.